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What We Should Know About Fillers



Injectable fillers can give you a more youthful look for a fraction of what facelift costs. Most of the time, fillers will fill lines and wrinkles in less than thirty minutes, and the results can last from four months to more than ten years according to each filler type and brand.

Fillers, which relax the muscle under wrinkles, fill the line, crease, or area with one of several different substances. As a result, the wrinkled spots nearly disappear.

Fillers can also be used as volumizers, plumping and lifting cheeks, jawlines, and temples. Filling out thin lips, and plumping sagging parts of the face or body is also possible. The treatment is fast and easy with many specialized surgeons in Korea who are experts in this petit surgery area.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and PMMA Fillers are the two main types which can be used to restore and volumize youthful and beautiful looks.


Type1. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers


The most popular category of fillers is the hyaluronic acid type. Each filler brands work in a slightly different way with varying results. How long the results last varies from several months to over a year or two. Some research shows that repeated injections may help stimulate the body's own natural production of collagen. This will help reduce the number of lines and wrinkles. Jevederm and Restylane are the popular KFDA and FDA filler brands which are used upon patients.


Type2. PMMA Fillers


PMMA fillers, which is short for “polymethyl-methacrylate”, contain about twenty percent of tiny PMMA microspheres that are suspended in eighty percent of purified collagen gel. A few months after it is injected, the collagen gel breaks down and your body produces its own natural collagen to fill out the space under the skin.

This type of dermal filler is considered semi-permanent, and is most often used to treat medium to deep wrinkles, folds and furrows. It can also be used to fill out pitted scars and to augment thin lips. When a more permanent solution is in need, PMMA is often used instead of collagen replacement therapy or hyaluronic therapy.

The only brand of PMMA that's FDA approved is Artefill or also called as Artecoll, which is the fourth generation of Artefill.


Popular Filler Treatment Areas?


● Forehead
● Cheeks
● Nose
● Between the eyes
● Smile lines
● Lips
● Chin


Surgery and Trip Info


1. Surgical Method : Fillers
2. Surgery Time : 10~30 minutes
3. Anesthesia Type : Anesthetic ointment
4. Stitch Removal : Not Required
5. Recovery Period : 2 days
6. Flight : Possible right away


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