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Hair Removal

Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal by shaving or waxing needs to be done periodically and it is very inconvenient. With laser hair removal treatment, you can efficiently destroy the root and follicle of hair and achieve a permanent effect.

There are many laser hair removal treatments which are safe for all skin types and colors. The laser used in the procedure is attracted to the pigment of the hair follicle, which means the darker the hair, the better it draws the energy of the laser beam to it, giving a greater hair reduction effect.

There are a few reasons why you should choose to receive a hair removal treatment. Hormone levels may cause excess hair growth that can cause low self-esteem and embarrassment. Also, laser hair removal encourages the hair to grow straight, so it’s a great solution for ingrown hairs. With long lasting results, laser hair removal is better value for money compared to other hair removal methods as it requires very minimal maintenance.

Laser Epilation

Hair Removal

The laser only targets black melanin pigment inside hair follicle to destroy root and follicle of hair. The laser only affects black melanin pigment, thus it selectively destroys hair follicle where there is hair growth and has almost no effect on normal skin.

One time treatment will provide some hair removal effect, however, you need numbers of treatments to have greater effect without damaging the skin tissues. Usually, five times of treatment are recommended with an interval of one to two months. The duration and number of treatment required may vary depending on the hair color and thickness.


Laser Hair Removal Areas

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be done anywhere in where there is hair with enough pigment to attract the laser light. The treatment is safe and effective even on sensitive areas.


Surgery and Trip Info

Hair Removal

1. Surgical Method : Laser Hair Removal Treatment
2. Surgery Time : 10~20 minutes per treatment
3. Anesthesia Type : Anesthetic ointment
4. Stitch Removal : Not Required
5. Recovery Period : None
6. Flight : Possible right away


Before & After

Hair Removal