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K-Doctors’ Procedures

Hundreds of new and latest medical procedures are available with the best Korean doctors at the most reliable clinics!




Skin Injection

Over time, our skin becomes drier, coarser and less elastic. Environmental and lifestyle factors lead to hyper-pigmentation, skin laxity, wrinkles and sun damage.

Korean dermatologists have placed great efforts to correcting these problems, especially by its unique facial injection treatments. Rejuvenation can be accomplished by direct injections into the skin’s outer layer, and into the bloodstream through intramuscular or intravenous.


Popular Skin Injections

Anti-aging of the skin can be gained through particular injections with instant outstanding instant effects. Within the facial skin anti-aging area, there are specific aims of each patient. Placing whitening effects into the skin, plump in nutrition, make glowing effects for a healthy looking skin, can all be done without any side effects with the help from doctors who have enough experience.


Type 1. PRP Injection


● Reduce fine to deep wrinkles
● Under eye troughs, bags and dark circles
● Skin lifting
● Cheek and lip volume

Using PRP Therapy as an anti-aging facial treatment is highly effective. This natural and safe treatment uses your own blood, which is extracted and enriched (with no chemicals) in an easy and comfortable way. It is then re-injected into your face through several ‘meso-type’ tiny injections. The benefits of this approach are the natural and self-healing effects of regenerated skin, improved skin vitality, improved sun damaged skin, and better skin hydration.


Type 2. Baby Face Injection


The baby face injection, which has spread throughout the world, originates from Korea. Baby Face injections combat thin, creepy skin, pigmentation, lack of moisture and dull, discolored complexions. These injections are ideal for those who require a significant degree of skin hydration. The treatment contains vitamins, minerals and natural hyaluronic acid, which circulate throughout the bloodstream and reach all layers of skin uniformly.


Type 3. Whitening Injection


The skin lightening process of injections removes all kinds of blemishes and skin pigmentation such as black spots caused by whiteheads removal scars on skin, white spots on face and patches. The lightening also gives a facial skin glowing effect with more moisture and flexibility.

Skin whitening injections can also help in removing of the skin lines and wrinkles. These injections contain an ingredient called “Glutathione” which acts as an antioxidant. These glutathione injections are very much popular in Asian countries, especially in Korea, and there have been countless celebrities that use this type of injections in order to get fair, glowing and whitened skin.


Type 4. Vitamin and Collagen Injection


Collagen is a fast depleting resource, yet our skin’s elasticity depends on the maintenance of a healthy matrix of natural collagen. The collagen & vitamin complex injections in Korea deliver collagen directly into the face. The collagen & vitamin complex injections thereby replenishes our natural reserves of vitamin B & C, and collagen, which improve our skin. Although most are interested due to the injection's anti-aging properties, a host of additional health benefits can be additionally gained from regular collagen & vitamin complex shot infusions.


Surgery and Trip Info


1. Surgical Method : Skin Injection
2. Surgery Time : 15~30 minutes per treatment
3. Anesthesia Type : Depends on treatment
4. Stitch Removal : Not Required
5. Recovery Period : Differs from each treatment
6. Flight : Possible right away