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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Who’s Had What Done?


Curious of what beauty procedures celebrities have received? Many celebrities are comfortable embracing their plastic surgery and talking openly about it. Then there are those who prefer to keep quiet about it. Here is some of the top beauty procedures that many top celebrities around the world have went through:

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Blepharoplasty: British actor Rupert Everett, Irish singer Bono, and Chinese martial arts expert Jackie Chan are just a few of the men who have brightened up their outlook with a little eyelid surgery to enhance their eyes.

Fillers: The number-one secret weapon of the rich and famous (and many of the rest of us as well). “It’s the same as having your teeth whitened,” says X Factor judge Simon Cowell. “Why not? It’s what people do.”

Breast Augmentation: A perennial favorite for decades, breast augmentation is now safer and more affordable, and it produces more natural results than ever before. Miley Cyrus, Selma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson and Kourtney Kardashian, among others, are just a few who have been open about their decision to have surgery and about the improvement it has made in their lives.

Facelift: Also greatly improved since the horror stories of the past. Just about everyone, from superstar Madonna to British Member of Parliament Louise Mensch, has had some lifting done to the face.

Facial Implant and facial liposuction: Both offer a way to contour the chin and cheek areas, and can be combined with rhinoplasty to create harmony among the features. Hip hop star Lil’ Kim and actress Meryl Streep are among the celebrities reported to have had these facial contouring procedures done.

Forehead lift: Author Shannon Bradley Colleary writes about hers openly. “It took about five years off my face. I have absolutely no regrets.”

Otoplasty: Musician Paul Stanley, comedian Ben Stiller and even ultra-handsome Brad Pitt have all undergone this procedure to “pin back” their prominent ears.

Rhinoplasty: Really, are there any celebrities who haven’t had some “work done” to their noses? Actress Jennifer Aniston and singer Janet Jackson are among the most notable examples of rhinoplasty patients whose results look so natural that others emulate them.

Abdominoplasty: Long the secret supplement to exercise, the “tummy tuck” has done wonders for activist Chaz Bono and singer Nicki Minaj, while celebrities like Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Mariah Carey prefer liposuction.

Buttocks Implants: By far the most popular inspiration for buttock enhancement are singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and TV star Kim Kardashian.

Famous men and women of all ages, all over the world, have one thing in common, a commitment to looking their best and inspiring others to do the same. And now, as contouring and plastic surgery become more and more popular among the not-so-famous, the rest of us can be an inspiration in our own world!

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