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Eyelid Surgery in Korea


Eyelid Surgery


  The eyes are one of the most distinctive and important features of the human being. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows of one’s soul. In Asia, especially in Korea, the popularity of cosmetic eyelid surgery has soared in the last two decades. Exposure to Western culture, fashion and style has been one of the main catalysts fueling the desire for larger and more prominent looking eyes. In particular, the double eyelid surgery has become one of the most requested common aesthetic surgeries for Asian women. As the Korean locals have urged on in pursuing beauty, surgeons have also developed relentless amounts of sophisticated surgical methods in order to keep up. The high Korean beauty standard has developed Korea’s aesthetic market to become the beauty hub of Asia and beyond.

  Perhaps what distinguishes Korean plastic surgery from other country's plastic surgery is the eyelid surgery. In the past two decades, South Korean plastic surgeons have fiercely competed with one another for new techniques in pursuit of natural-looking double eyelids. If you are an Asian looking to have the eyelid surgery, South Korea is the right destination. Plastic surgeons within Korea have great understanding for not only beauty standards within Asia, but around the globe. Their rich experience in various types of eyelid surgeries will help understand your specific concerns and cases, and eventually allow you to reach your aesthetic goal!


Understanding the 3 basic Double Eyelid Surgery Methods


  Understanding the three basic surgery methods for the eyelid is essential. The three basic methods consist of the full incision, partial incision, and embedding (non-incision) method. These methods would be found in nearly all Korean clinics, although there may be a slight vary in surgical techniques used in the practice of surgery. Information about these basic surgical methods is available in many internet sites and search engines. However, it is difficult to determine the exact status of your eyes as a non-professional, and to identify the pros and cons of each surgical method that best fit your eyes. Visiting a clinic and meeting a doctor without any preparation may cause confusion and is not recommended. K-Doctors is here to help you out from primitive on-line consultation to practical advising of your medical trip with profession.




Eyelid Surgery



How Do I Find The Right Clinic and Doctor?


  It is not easy to find the right clinic and doctor suitable for your taste. Even though it is important to understand the difficult information about surgical methods of the double eyelid surgery, each doctor has his or her own unique surgical style and suggestions due to their own aesthetic decision. One clinic may suggest eye contouring while other doctors might suggest the opposite. There are doctors who suggest full incision while others might suggest partial incision methods.

  In deciding the right doctor, the method is not the most essential factor. It is better to look into the experience of a doctor and the reliability of the medical clinic itself. When consulting with a doctor, medical staff member, or with us, selecting one or two of your aesthetic goals and explaining them step by step in a logical manner greatly helps out. There are many cases where having one or two surgical methods according to the status of your eyes are successful instead of having anterior and posterior epicanthoplasty, upper blepharoplasty, and eye contouring surgeries.

  K-Doctors, with team members who have immense experience in this field, is here to help out your needs. We know which doctors can help you out and which clinics are most suitable for you. We have our own beauty consultants who have more than 7 years experience in well-known prestigious clinics. Most of all, we have an immense network within the Korean aesthetic medical field. With our specialized team, we are here to provide you with advice and counsel so that your medical trip ends successfully. 

Eyelid Surgery

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