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Seoul City Tour Bus - Seoul

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Seoul City Tour Bus is the original and only inner city bus tour that you will need to take! Jump on and off the bus all day long to see the most famous sites that Seoul has to offer!


The main bus terminal and ticketing office is located in front of Donghwa Duty Free Shop at Koreana Hotel near subway line 5, Gwanghwamun Station, exit 6.


With a superb selection of both Double Decker buses and Class Single Decker buses, you will be able to make your way throughout every Main Attraction throughout Seoul. Hop On and Off wherever you choose and get back on at the very same stop every 25 - 30 minutes.


Seoul City Tour Bus runs from 9am - 8pm each day and has Audio Guides providing you with information in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.


There are both two courses that fun throughout the day, and another two Night courses that show you a little more outside of Central Seoul.


You could make an entire day of it and take both Day courses AND one of the Night Courses. This will ensure that you have soaked up most of the city in just ONE DAY!


A Course: Downtown, Palace - Single Decker Course

B Course: Seoul Panorama, Double Decker + Trolleybus Course

C Course: Night Tour C

D Course: Night Tour D (course maps and information available on their website)


Below are some of the the attractions you will discover through our tour bus:


Deoksugung Palace

Changgyeonggung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace

Cheongwadae (Government House)

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

National Museum of Korea

The War Museum Memorial of Korea

Seoul Animation Center

Gyeongbokgung - National Folk Museum

Namsangol Hanok Village


You will also pass Seoul's main shopping districts, markets and riverways along your journey. For bookings and more detailed information on courses, click on the link below:

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