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What is Breast Augmentation Through Fat Transplant?


Fat Transplant Breast


  Breast augmentation with fat transplant allows women to enhance the breast size by using a completely natural alternative to breast implant, their own fat cells. Also known as autologous fat graft breast enlargement or autologous fat transfer, fat transplant breast augmentation is a unique procedure which can achieve mild to moderate increase in breast size by collecting fat from one part of the body and transferring it directly to the breast tissue, thus naturally increasing one’s breast volume.


Benefits of Fat Transplant Augmentation


  While breast augmentation with implants is a safe and effective means of breast enhancement, fat transfer breast augmentation is an excellent alternative to be considered according to each individual’s situation. For women who desire a small to moderate increase in breast size, which may vary from one to two cups of enlargement, who may also have areas of fat excess for which liposuction treatment is being contemplated, this procedure may be ideal. For those that desire a greater breast size increase, breast augmentation with breast implants may be more recommended. There are certainly several advantages to consider with breast enlargement using your own fat cells, which include no incisions, shorter downtime, and no implantation.

  For patients considering breast augmentation with fat transplant, the following may be great advantages to consider. 

● No breast incision : Fat cells are harvested and then transferred to the breast through tiny needle sites
● No breast implant downsides : No leak or capsular contracture
● Liposuction : As the fat cells used for autologous fat breast augmentation are harvested from areas of relative excess including the abdomen and thighs, liposuction is a necessity. These areas can be sculpted and contoured as part of the breast enlargement with the fat transferring procedure.


Who is it Recommended For?


1. For people with lack of upper breast tissue
2. For those who already have a moderate size breast
3. For those who are seeking for a natural or moderate change


How is Fat Transplant Augmentation Performed?


  Fat is usually harvested either from the patient’s own abdomen or thighs. Small incisions are made to inject the harvested fat. A surgeon can sculpt the shape of buttocks by injecting the fat into the necessary part. Stem cell enriched fat transplant is also an alternative. It collectively separates stem cells in harvested subcutaneous fat, purifies, and injects the desired amount of fat into the targeted area. Even though the price may be a little higher than the normal fat transfer, the reason many people choose to go with the stem-cell fat transfer is because there is a much higher possibility for the fat to survive.


Surgery and Trip Info

Fat Transplant Breast

1. Surgical Method : Fat Transplant Augmentation
2. Surgery Time : 1~2 hours
3. Anesthesia Type : IV Sedation
4. Stitch Removal : 7 days after surgery
5. Recovery Period : Daily activities after 1 day
6. Flight : Possible from 1 day after surgery


Before & After Pictures

Fat Transplant Breast

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