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Nipple Correction Surgery


What is Nipple Correction Surgery?



Nipple Correction Surgery


  Patients with inverted nipples often feel embarrassed about the appearance of their breasts, particularly during sexual encounters. It can make the breasts look distorted, and if only one breast is involved, it can cause the breasts to look asymmetrical. The condition is usually due to the structure of the nipple or the surrounding skin and underlying tissue. It can also be due to the milk ducts and other tissue in the nipple becoming shortened as a result of inflammation. Also, scar tissue can cause permanent inversion. Nipple correction surgery can correct the look and shape of the nipple and areola of the patient. If the nipple is too big, long or inverted, it can be made into the ideal shape a patient would like it to be. Also, large areola can be made smaller for better appearance.


Who is it Recommended For?


1. For those with long nipples
2. For those with large nipples
3. For those with inverted nipples
4. For those with large areola
5. For those with irregular shaped areola or nipples


How is Nipple Correction Surgery Performed?




Nipple Correction Surgery

Nipple Correction Surgery


  Excess nipple tissue is removed and reshaped to make the ideal shape and size. This procedure is very simple and takes about half an hour. The scars are less noticeable due to the irregular texture of the nipples.




Nipple Correction Surgery


  There are two methods in correcting the inverted nipples. One method preserves the milk ducts for those who wish to breast feed. If the cause of the inverted nipple is due to the main milk duct itself, then preserving the duct could reverse the effects of the procedure. The second method does not preserve the milk ducts, allowing for more projection and clearly visible nipple. Unless the inversion is very severe, the first method is usually recommended.




Nipple Correction Surgery


  There are also two methods in reducing the areola. One is from the outside and the other is from the inside. The inside is the area just around the nipple. The outside is the area closest to the breast skin. The inside surgical method results in a more natural look of areola after surgery. However, there is a limit to the amount of reduction that can be made. The outside method is more common and provides a more dramatic result. The scars are hard to see since it is formed around the new areola area.


Surgery and Trip Info

Nipple Correction Surgery


1. Surgical Method : Nipple Correction
2. Surgery Time : 30~60 minutes
3. Anesthesia Type : IV Sedation
4. Stitch Removal : 1~2 weeks after surgery
5. Recovery Period : Daily activities after 4 days
6. Flight : Possible from 1 day after surgery 


Before & After Pictures


Nipple Correction Surgery

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