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[Part. 1] Where to visit in Korea


According to the news in Korea, a lot of foreign tourists are visiting Seoul. Especially 'Myeong-Dong' is one of the most popular area where foreigners enjoy to visit.


You will be able to hear Chinese and also Japanese speaking while walking through the street. 


Almost 10 out of 6 people are Chinese and the others would be Japanese or Korean which you might think you're in China.


If you are planning to come to Korea, you should most certainly visit Myeong-Dong.


If you would like to visit Myeong-Dong, take the subway and arrive at 'Myeong-Dong station'(Line 4)


You will easily find the area and enjoy shopping, street foods and great restaurants.


Don’t miss it before you go back to your country!


It could be one of your best place in Korea for shopping. 

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