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About K-Doctors

K-Doctors is a trustful and dependable companion for your medical trip to Korea!



Korea’s Medical Tourism

After years of postwar and governmental strife, Korea launched one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Quality of life in Korea has greatly improved in the past few years, and now Korea is recognized as one of the most advanced countries in Asia.

Korea is perceived around the world as a gentle and fun-loving country with various tourist attractions. Many people from around the world travel to Korea to experience its famous tourist spots, traditional cuisine, and unique culture. Recently, the Korean government has initiated a set of measures to promote its medical tourism by adding hospitals and clinics in their marketing, and by easing regulations. The Korean government is also providing funding to medical tourism sectors, and started to issue medical visas for visitors with medical purpose.

Even before the advent of Korea’s medical tourism business, Korea had already been a constant choice for tourists from neighboring Asian countries, North America, and Europe. Medical tourists can enjoy their Korean tour and save time by combining sightseeing and medical care.

Korea at a Glance

Cities in Country: Seoul(capital), Incheon, Busan etc.
Time Zones: GMT +9
Country Dialing Code: +82
Electricity: 220V, 60Hz
Currency: Korean Won(KRW)
Language: Korean, English spoken by many people
Religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Catholic etc.
Flight Connection: Capital city Seoul is well-connected to all major cities of the world by air
Food: Largely comprises of rice, noodles, vegetables and many types of meats

Korea’s Cutting-Edge Medical Service

Although Korea is a relatively new player in global medical tourism industry, its advanced treatments and low-cost medical services have made it a big hit among medical tourists from many countries. Korea’s medical technology is considered one of the best in the world in terms of quality of services and speed.

Most Korean hospitals and clinics are well equipped and offer treatments that are designed to meet the needs of each individual patient. Many of them also provide separate information desks and assistance to foreign medical tourists with translation services; most commonly English, Chinese and Russian translation is available.

Many medical tourists are largely attracted to Korea especially seeking the best services in cosmetic/plastic surgery and skin treatment. K-Pop, Korean TV shows and dramas first created the worldwide “K-Pop Cosmetic Surgery” syndrome, but now Korean hospitals and clinics provide a wider range of specialties and procedures at an affordable price to attract more medical tourists.

It has been estimated that most medical procedures in Korea cost around 3 to 5 times less than in most developed countries, and people are able to save up to 20% to 30% of the expenses that they would have to pay for similar medical procedures in the US or in Europe.





K-Doctors is a short term for Korean doctors. K-Doctors is an international medical tourism company located in Korea, fully licensed and approved by the Korean government. Like the popular K-Pop syndrome, we aim to create a new Korean wave by introducing Korea’s world class doctors and its hi-tech medical facilities to the world. We have partnerships with the best hospitals and clinics in Gangnam Seoul, and also in other popular cities of Korea with a wide range of medical services available for our clients; plastic surgery, skin care, stem cell, hair transplant, medical makeup, reconstructive surgery, dentistry and general hospital care etc. In addition, we also work closely with several government organizations to support our clients in a more effective way, and to protect and help them with legal issues and disputes.





Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced experts with strong professionalism and responsibility. Most of our team members have years of experience working for Korea’s top class hospitals and plastic surgery clinics as plastic surgery consultant, beauty consultant, nurse, medical coordinator, medical translator and international business manager.

We have over 15 full time consultants and managers who speak English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, German, and we also work with more than 15 part time medical translators to support our clients who prefer to communicate in other languages like Indonesian, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and Spanish.

Through our broad experience our team has gained a good understanding of the internal process of hospitals and clinics in Korea. Understanding both how hospitals and clinics work and what our clients need gives us a good opportunity and insight to provide a more practical service to our clients for their bigger satisfaction.





The core value of K-Doctors is “Customer Satisfaction”. Every individual pursues a healthy life, but unfortunately our present life style and environment is not allowing us to stay naturally healthy anymore.

As a solution to rapidly growing health related concerns of many people, new medical technologies and treatments are being developed to improve people’s health with various different methods.

Now another concern is that many people are confused about clinics, doctors, treatments and the cost because there are too many different methods and options to consider. The clinics and doctors that we recommend to our clients, and the medical advice that we give to them are the same ones that we would recommend and give to our friends and family.

We don’t only inform our clients about the positive sides of treatments and surgeries, but we try to explain more details about the potential risks and side effects to help them avoid making wrong decisions.

We believe customer satisfaction can only be accomplished by true and sincere service. We continuously try to improve ourselves and our service to pursue our value.

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Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the globalization, growth and expansion of Korea’s medical tourism business, and to become Korea’s leading medical tourism company. We will always try our best to satisfy our clients and make them come to Korea again.