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tummy tuck - seriously need accurate infor


I want you to provide me sth accurate info for tummy tuck


im planning to have it end of this month





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Hi there.
I'm Sally, K-doctors' manager.

 The degrees of abdominal skin sagging can be classified into three types; ‘slight’, ‘moderate’, ‘significant’. 
In case of a slight sagging belly skin, it can be treated by only liposuction procedure and lifting laser treatment. 
However, if you have your belly skin sagging in moderate degree, an incision under the belly button line may be considered. 
Also, a 360-degree incision technique is made along your waist to improve a significant sagging skin.

Surgery time: 2-3 hours
Anesthesia: general
Hospitalization: 1 day
Stitches removing: 10th and 14th day
Stay in Korea: 7-14 days (but you it’s possible to leave 3-4th day after surgery)
Daily activity : 1~2 days
Post treatment: 5 times

For more info, contact us

Thank you

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