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K-Doctors’ Procedures

Hundreds of new and latest medical procedures are available with the best Korean doctors at the most reliable clinics!

Article (36)

  • tummy tuck - seriously need accurate infor [1]
    tummy tuck - seriously need accurate infor   I want you to provide me sth accurate info for tummy tuck   im planning to have it end of this month   plz   thx
    Toahs | Jul 04, 2019 10:29 | Views 889
  • Rhinoplasty for flat nose help me [1]
    hello   im planning to visit korea next month for rhinoplasty   my nose is flat and low   i wonder what procedure will be applied for me    i just cant go to clinics and listen to them   i want somethi...
    Yusuke | Jul 03, 2019 09:48 | Views 501
  • Breast augmentation and Hip lifting at the same time [1]
    Breast augmentation and Hip lifting at the same time   I can have only 7 days for my holiday   and I want to have both surgeries   but is it possible?   just wonder   thx
    Renne | Jul 02, 2019 10:06 | Views 814
  • liposuction operation info [1]
    hello   wanna know about liposuction info   operation time   recovery period   etc   please.   thx
    Henna | Jul 01, 2019 10:52 | Views 534
  • eye bags, sagged skin and pigmentation solution please [1]
    hello   I have severe eye bags (Dark circles) , sagged skin on the middle of the face and some darkened acne scar.   I wanna remove them all   and wanna have a shiny skin.   I dont want my face to be t...
    Anne | Jun 28, 2019 09:56 | Views 1231
  • Slim and Small FACE surgical way [1]
    hello   I want a slim and small face in surgical way.   what procedure can be applied?   My face is rounded face   but just want it to be dramatically slim   V-shaped.   you klnow what i mean?   like g...
    ririco | Jun 27, 2019 14:27 | Views 4328
  • Hair transplantation -give me the price right now!!!! [1]
    hi   I'm in korea now and looking for hospitals where i can have a hiar transplantation surgery   I've got quotations from 5 clinics already   per 1000 units, how much can you offer?   also give me the...
    anthony | Jun 26, 2019 11:32 | Views 2986
  • How to make a slim and small face?! what procedure should be chosen?! [1]
    hi    I want my face to be slim like korean idol   i want something 3 dimensional   and shiny and youthful look.   you know what i mean?   my face is kind of wide and i have a square jaw   it looks fie...
    Juanhwang | Jun 25, 2019 09:57 | Views 3067
  • Accusculpt procedure [1]
    hello.   I got a double chin and I'm kind of sick of it.   I wonder what method can be applied to remove this.   I had an injection (melting fat) before   but it didnt that much work for me   I want so...
    Choi | Jun 21, 2019 09:47 | Views 2684
  • rhinoplasty cases [1]
    Hello.   I'm concidering having rhinoplasty   but my nose is kind of unique   I dont know how to explain.   can you tell me what cases you can manage?   Thx
    Rhcuia | Jun 20, 2019 11:38 | Views 726