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K-Doctors’ Procedures

Hundreds of new and latest medical procedures are available with the best Korean doctors at the most reliable clinics!

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  • Conan Visits Noryangjin Fish Market
    Joseph | Aug 11, 2017 17:48 | Views 2400
  • Where to visit in Korea [Part 7. Namsan Tower]
    Where to visit in Korea [Part 7. Namsan Tower] The tower was first established as a broadcast tower to send out TV and radio signals in 1969. As of now, it has become one of the representative landmark...
    Joseph | Aug 11, 2017 16:46 | Views 2356
  • V-Line Surgery
    <V-line Surgery>
    Joseph | Jul 03, 2017 10:04 | Views 27
    The core value of K-Doctors is “Customer Satisfaction”. Every individual pursues a healthy life, but unfortunately our present life style and environment is not allowing us to stay natural...
    마케팅 | Mar 24, 2017 14:42 | Views 462
    Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced experts with strong professionalism and responsibility. Most of our team members have years of experience working for Korea’s top class hos...
    마케팅 | Mar 24, 2017 14:36 | Views 592
  • Korea’s Cutting-Edge Medical Service
    Although Korea is a relatively new player in global medical tourism industry, its advanced treatments and low-cost medical services have made it a big hit among medical tourists from many countries. K...
    마케팅 | Mar 23, 2017 17:30 | Views 447
  • Korea’s Medical Tourism
    After years of postwar and governmental strife, Korea launched one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Quality of life in Korea has greatly improved in the past few years, and now Korea is ...
    마케팅 | Mar 23, 2017 15:06 | Views 500
  • Where to visit in Korea [Part.2 - Garosugil]
    'Garosugil' is well-known to Koreans for it's unique shops and attractive café and restaurants which many foreign people don’t know about. ‘Garosugil’ is located i...
    Joseph | Feb 24, 2017 12:16 | Views 10695
  • Where to visit in Korea [Part.1 - Myeong-Dong]
    [Part. 1] Where to visit in Korea According to the news in Korea, a lot of foreign tourists are visiting Seoul. Especially 'Myeong-Dong' is one of the most popular area where foreigners enjoy ...
    MASTER | Feb 17, 2017 17:50 | Views 1810
  • Asan Medical Center
    Asan Medical Center
    MASTER | Jan 13, 2017 13:21 | Views 2020