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K-Doctors’ Procedures

Hundreds of new and latest medical procedures are available with the best Korean doctors at the most reliable clinics!

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  • Comprehensive Surgery Before & After
    Beyond Beauty Until We Find Natural Beauty BANOBAGI Aims to Achieve Original Natural Beauty
    vero | Mar 06, 2019 11:59 | Views 446
  • Plastic Surgery Information [Facial Contouring - Part 4. Forehead Augmentation and Reduction]
    Forehead Augmentation and Reduction         The forehead is also a feature of the human face which is important. A well shaped forehead will contribute in making a proportioned and three dimensio...
    Joseph | Sep 18, 2017 10:23 | Views 932
  • Plastic Surgery Information [Facial Contouring - Part 2. Square Reduction]
    Square Jaw Reduction What is a Square Jaw Reduction?         Although in some parts of the Western culture think of a square looking jaw to be sexy for women, the aesthetic beauty trend within mo...
    Joseph | Sep 14, 2017 15:22 | Views 753
  • Plastic Surgery Information [Eyes - Part 1. Eye Surgery]
    Eyelid Surgery in Korea The eyes are one of the most distinctive and important features of the human being. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows of one’s soul. In Asia, especially in K...
    Joseph | Aug 21, 2017 16:47 | Views 806
  • 메인 슬라이드 1(성형 느낌 슬라이드) 추가 삽입의 건 [6]
    해미씨, 기존에 진행 했던 디자인에 문구 삽입하여 1번 슬라이드 삽입 부탁드립니다. 2개를 한번에 올리려했으나, 자료 미수령으로 우선 1번 슬라이드부터 바로 적용 해주세요. 요청 사항: 1. 문구 삽입 2. 렛미인 ...
    Sean | Aug 09, 2017 14:38 | Views 44
  • 케이닥터스 사이트_화장품 판매칸 추가 [4]
    해미씨, 위의 링크와 같이 우리 사이트에도 제품 판매 코너를 만들었으면 합니다. 가능한 부분인지 확인 부탁드려요.
    Sean | Jul 24, 2017 19:34 | Views 24
  • 케이닥터스 전화 서비스 (사이트) [2]
    해미씨, 이건 계발자에게 문의해야 하는 부분일듯한데, 케이닥터스 사이트에도 하기 사이트처럼 전화 서비스 만들 수 있는지 확인 부탁드려요. 상대방이...
    Sean | Jul 21, 2017 18:54 | Views 11
  • 러시아 뉴스레터(바노바기용) [2]
    C.C. 안미현 리얼 스토리 피피티 파일에다가 만들었습니다 (워드에 해봤는데 불편하고 힘드네요) 김대리님 pdf로 못 만들면 예전처럼 해주면됩니다) 김대리님, 여기 링크통해 참고
    Sean | Jul 21, 2017 18:49 | Views 18
  • Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Who’s Had What Done?
    Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Who’s Had What Done? Curious of what beauty procedures celebrities have received? Many celebrities are comfortable embracing their plastic surgery and talking openly ab...
    K-DOCTORS_SEAN | Apr 12, 2017 15:43 | Views 1573
    Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced experts with strong professionalism and responsibility. Most of our team members have years of experience working for Korea’s top class hos...
    마케팅 | Mar 24, 2017 14:36 | Views 573